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Kakashi Lemon for AlexiaRomanov

Name: Kimi Uchiha Age: 22 Looks:(The picture is on AlexiaRomanov's profile on quizilla! The stupid picture wouldn't upload right on here) Personality: Flirtatious and perverted. Caring and protective. Violent in fights or when she loses her temper. Rank: jounin Background: Related to Sasuke and Itachi (she is the middle child) She was extremely close to both of them, and was away on a mission when Itachi killed the clan so believed Sasuke to be dead. She fled to Suna and met Jiraiya on his travels, who stayed in Suna to train her. She became Gaara's sempai and goes back to Konoha for the Chuunin exams. Friends: Kotetsu and Izumo Story Start “Are we almost there?” Kankuro asked impatiently, putting his hands behind his head. You sighed and rubbed your temples, glad that you were with Gaara and not him. “We are here.” Baki said as you guys walked up to the large gate of Konoha. Two guards were sitting there talking. ‘Kotetsu, Izumo.’ You smirked to yourself. “What are you smirking for?” Gaara’s whisper brought you out of your thoughts. You smiled at the kid. You had grown close to him, even though he was a cold blooded murderer. (I love Gaara though, he is awesome!) “Old friends.” He nodded as Temari started walking next to you. “Are there any cute guys here?” Kakuro immediately joined the conversation. “Any cute girls?” You sighed as you walked up to the guards. “Hey, are you here from the Sand Village?” Izumo asked. ‘No, we are just walking by, what do you think?’ You rolled your eyes. “Yes.” Baki answered and the two guards. They nodded and allowed you guys in, but froze when they saw you. “Kimi!” Kotetsu yelled. “Where the hell did you go?!?” You frowned, remembering your brothers. “To Suna.” They nodded and you guys continued to catch up as the others left. You noticed Gaara stayed with you, but in the background. “Kimi-sempai, let’s go.” You nodded. “See ya.” You said to you old friends and walked around the village with Gaara. You heard yelling and shouting from the street over. “Wonder what’s happening.” You said. Gaara still had the same expression on his face. You saw Kankuro holding some kid in the air and few others around him. Kankuro was about to punch the kid and Blondie ran at him. (You didn’t know their names) Kankuro’s arm was hit with a rock pretty hard and he dropped the squirt he was holding. “What are you bastards doing in our village?” A cold voice asked. You looked at the kid in the tree, he looked oddly familiar. “Sasuke-kun!” Pinkie shouted. You froze. “Sasuke….” You trailed of making Gaara look at you. “I thought your brother was dead.” “I did too Gaara.” “Ah, another guy who pisses me off..” Kankuro said holding his wrist. “Get lost!” ‘Sasuke’ shouted. You sighed as you and Gaara sat in the trees above them. “Gyaa! So cool Sasuke-kun! Get him!” Pinkie shouted. The squirt ran back over to him, tears running down his face and pointed at Blondie. “Naruto bro, you suck…I believed in you.” He said. ‘Naruto, the Nine-tailed fox kid huh?’ You thought. Naruto grabbed the kid’s collar. “No dummy! I could easily defeat that guy!” Naruto shouted. Kankuro turned to Sasuke. “Hey punk get down here! I hate show offs like you the most.” He pulled out one of his puppets. You sighed as Gaara disappeared from next to you. “You’re even going to use Kirasu!?” Temari shouted. “Kankuro stop it.” Sasuke’s eyes widened as he looked at Gaara, who was hanging upside down behind him. “You’re an embarrassment to our village.” You decided to jump down now. The little kids freaked when you landed behind them. “Ga-Gaara…” Kankuro stuttered. “Losing yourself in a fight how pathetic, why do we think we came to this village?” “Listen Gaara they started it..and..” You cut Kankuro off. “Shut up.” You ordered coldly. “Kimi-sempai!” He yelled as you walked next to him. “Or I’ll kill you.” Gaara finished. “I’m sorry!” He replied to his younger brother. “I’m sorry also!” Temari said nervously. Gaara turned to Sasuke. “Sorry to you guys too.” He disappeared in the sand and reappeared next to you. “It looks like we got here early but we didn’t come here to play around.” Gaara said. “Damn Baki, always wanting to be early.” You were the only one who wasn’t intimated by Gaara’s threat. “I know that!” Kankuro defended. “Let’s go.” Gaara said. “Hey wait!” You raised your eyebrow at Pinkie, who walked forward. “Judging from your guys’ head protectors you are ninjas from the Hidden Sand Village right?” She asked. (Ok, so the Kazekage left you out of the whole plan to destroy the Leaf mm’k so you don’t know anything about it.) “You may be allies with the Leaf village but..it is forbidden for shinobis to enter another village without permission. State your purpose. Depending on it we may not be able to let you go.” You started to laugh. Their sensei hadn’t told them about the Chuunin exams you guessed. “Talk about clueless..” You started. “Don’t you know anything?” Guessing on their facial expressions they didn’t. You sighed. “Temari, would you like to explain?” She nodded. “You’re right we are genins from the sand village. We have come to your village to take the chuunin exam.” She explained. “Chuunin exam?” Naruto asked. “Jeez you really don’t know anything. The chuunin exam is where outstanding genins from Sand, Leaf, and other neighboring villages assemble to take an exam to become a chuunin.” “Why do we take it together?!” You sighed. “The man purpose is to be to improve relationships between the allies and to raise the shinobi level but also each country likes to maintain power and balance and-“ “Hey Konohamaru! Think I should enter?!” Naruto shouted. You grew an anime vain. “Hey dumb ass! You asked the question listen till the end!” You shouted. Sasuke appeared in front of Pinkie. “Hey what’s your name?” “Who me?” Temari asked innocently. “No, you with the gourd.” You snorted as Temari’s smile faded. “Gaara of the desert…” He answered in the same cold voice as always. “I’m also interested in yours.” You shot your student a warning glance but he ignored it. “It’s Sasuke Uchiha.” He smirked. Gaara looked at you. You were staring at the ground. You felt the tears well up in your eyes but you stopped them. “Hey what about me huh!?!” Naruto shouted. Gaara turned around. “Not interested. Let’s go.” The siblings disappeared but you stayed. “Why are you still here?” Pinkie asked. You only glanced at her but kept your eyes mostly on Sasuke. He grew up a lot. “Who’s your sensei?” You were going to have a little talk with this person if you knew them. Naruto looked at you. “Kakashi!” He shouted making you wince. You nodded and bent down to Sasuke’s level. He stared into your eyes. “You look like mom.” You flashed your Sharingan before disappearing. Later You were walking along the forest when you saw someone sitting in the trees, reading Icha Icha Paradise. You smiled to yourself remembering Jiraiya. Then you saw white hair sticking up over the book. ‘Kakashi.’ You thought. You jumped up in the tree and grabbed his book. “Hey!” He shouted and you sat down, skimming through the book. He stopped when he noticed who you were. “Kimi…” He trailed off. You nodded. “I helped Jiraiya with these books ya know? He didn’t really have the utmost knowledge of a woman’s body at first.” You chuckled to yourself. He sighed. “Why did you leave?” Your smile faded. “You know why.” You looked at him and felt the tears coming. “Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked. He looked confused. “Tell you what Kimi?” You shook your head and stood up, he followed in suit. You looked up at him since he was a good foot or so taller than you. “That Sasuke was alive.” He looked shocked. “You didn’t know?” “I thought Itachi killed everyone besides me since we were on that mission.” Yeah, you and Kakashi were on a mission together when he incident happened. You never understood why Itachi did it. You loved him and he loved you and Sasuke and everyone else. Or he was just a really good actor. He sighed. “Come on, you want to talk to the Hokage?” You nodded and he grabbed your hand, taking you to the Hokage. With the Hokage “I’m sorry Kimi-chan but the elders felt as though it would be necessary not to tell you.” The Hokage explained. Kakashi was leaning against the wall lazily. You sighed and nodded. “Ok, but he knows I am an Uchiha now.” The Hokage nodded. “He’ll probably try to find you again. But are going to stay here?” You blinked, not expecting that. “I dunno. I don’t think the Kazekage would let me stay just like that, it’d take some time but I’d like to stay, to be with my brother again.” He nodded. “Ok, you are dismissed.” You and Kakashi left and went outside. “Hungry?” He asked coming across a ramen stand. You shook your head, but remained silent. He was about to say something when someone yelled, “Kakashi-sensei!” It was the blonde kid from before, Naruto was his name. “Yes Naruto?” He asked boredly. “Why are you with her?” He asked with disgust pointing at you. Your eyes turned into Sharingan and he backed away. “And she has eyes like your one and Sasuke’s!” “Naruto! What are you doing?!?” You rolled your eyes, here comes Pinkie. “These are your brats?” He nodded. “And Sasuke.” You nodded and sighed as Pinkie came over. “Hey it’s you.” You flashed your Sharingan off. Then she looked behind you and squealed. “Sasuke-kun!” You froze a little. “I have to go, I’ll talk to you later.” You told Kakashi. He grabbed your arm before you could leave. “You need to talk to him.” You shook your head and looked around. “Not with these people around.” You whispered. He looked at you sadly and let go. “You can stay at my place and I will bring Sasuke over later to talk to you.” You let out a breath of air and nodded as you walked away. “Who was that?” Sasuke asked emotionlessly. Sakura and Naruto were standing behind him. “That was that lady before with the Gaara guy remember.” Naruto said. Sasuke’s eyes widened. “Her?” He whispered. “Have you figured it out Sasuke?” Kakashi asked, still reading his perverted book. Sasuke stood there, looking in the direction you went. “Kimi….” He trailed off. “Hey Sasuke how do you know her?” Sakura asked, a little bit jealous. He didn’t answer, he just walked away. That Night Kakashi had given you some extra keys to his apartment and you were lying on his couch reading Icha Icha Paradise. Then the door opened. “Kimi-chan..” Kakashi said. “Hmm?” He sweat dropped. “Did you already forget?” You shook your head and sat up, setting the book on the table. “Do you really think I’m that stupid Kakashi?” You asked, in a dead serious voice. He blushed and shook his head nervously and started ranting. “I was kidding, jeesh.” You laughed and he sighed. “Who are you talking to Kakashi?” You froze when you heard Sasuke’s voice. He walked in and looked at you. You looked at him and felt like you couldn’t breathe. He did look like mom, a lot. He stared at you. “I thought you were dead.” He looked shocked when you said that. Then your eyebrows furrowed together. Why hadn’t Itachi killed him? Kakashi just stood there awkwardly. “I’m just gonna go.” He said and walked out the door, closing it behind him. Sasuke looked at you. “Why?” You sat down on the couch and he sat next to you. “Why what Sasuke?” “Why did you leave?” You sighed. “Like I said, I thought you were dead.” A While Later You leaned against the wall of the underground building. Kakashi was trying to seal up your brother’s cursed seal. Kakashi did some hand motions and put his hand on Sasuke’s shoulder. A bright light admitted from his hand and Sasuke screamed in pain. You closed your eyes. You couldn’t handle his agony, you had already left him alone before. Amazingly the Kazekage is allowing you to live in the village so you didn’t have to return to Suna. When Sasuke stopped screaming you opened your eyes to see him passed out on the ground. You knew he just passed out from the pain. Kakashi sighed. You walked over and bent down next to Sasuke. “It looks like he’s tired out.” You nodded and placed your hand over his seal. “So you can use sealing techniques now.” You froze and looked up at Kakashi, who was also frozen. Why the hell was he here? You activated your Sharingan and stood up. “You’ve grown Kakashi. And so have you Kimi.” Orochimaru walked out from behind the pillar. “You’re…” Kakashi turned around slightly. You glared at the snake man. If he laid one finger on your brother he was dead. “It’s been a long time Kakashi-kun.” “Orochimaru.” Kakashi grimaced. You walked up a little but Kakashi put his hand behind him, stopping you. “I’m sorry but I have no business with you Kakashi. I do have business with the woman and boy behind you though.” You growled making Orochimaru smile. “Why are you after Sasuke and Kimi?” Kakashi growled. Orochimaru laughed. “You’re lucky, you got what you wanted already.” Kakashi gasped. “You didn’t have that a long time ago. That Sharingan…in your left eye.” You glared at the man and he smiled, looking directly back at you. “I want it, too. Uchiha’s power that is.” That pissed you off. “You’ll never get!” You shouted. Orochimaru laughed. “Silly girl, you think you could stop me.” You began walking forward but Kakashi stopped you, again. You growled louder making Orochimaru smirk. “Don’t.” Kakashi whispered. You glared at him but switched your Sharingan off. Orochimaru began to walk forward. Kakashi glared at him and then gasped. He put his hand out. “Don’t get any closer to them!” His lightning blade started forming in his hand. Orochimaru gasped. “Even if you are one of the legendary Sannin, I can sacrifice myself to kill you.” You gasped when Kakashi said that. You wanted to slap him across the face for saying that. Orochimaru just laughed. “What’s so funny?” Kakashi asked. “What you say and do don’t agree with each other.” You hated to admit it, but Orochimaru was right. “Nani?” “There’s no point in using that seal. You know, right? He has a heart that seeks power no matter how evil it is. He posses that kind of disposition. He is an avenger.” You growled. “No…” “So you took advantage of that. But Sasuke won’t…” Kakashi trailed off. “Eventually he will seek me out.” Orochimaru turned around and walked off. “Seek me out for power that is.”He stopped walking as Kakashi’s lightning blade went out. “Also, you said that you could kill me. Try. That is, if you can.” Orochimaru disappeared. You looked down at Sasuke. You didn’t want to talk to Kakashi, you might yell at him and you didn’t want that right now. You looked over and saw him shaking, he was scared, you knew that. “Ha, sacrifice my life? Am I mad?”It sounded like he was talking to himself. He stood up straight now. “Let’s take him to the hospital.” You said softly. He jumped at your voice but nodded. At His Place That Night You guys had dropped Sasuke off earlier and gotten some ANBU to stay with him. You had made it back to the Exams in time to watch Kankuro battle some other kid. But you hadn’t spoken to Kakashi much. Right now he was leaning against the wall staring at you as you sat on the couch thinking. “Are you mad at me?” You sighed. Were you? Yes, because he was stupid. The next thing you knew he was right in front of you. You avoided his gaze and leaned back against the couch. He put his hands on either side of you. “Tell me why the fuck you keep ignoring me!” He nearly shouted. “Because you were stupid enough to say that you could have killed him. He could have killed you!” He sighed. “I know. I’m sorry I said that but I was just trying to protect-“ You cut him off. “I could have protected myself.” You growled. He glared at you. “You know what?!?” “What?!” The next thing you knew his lips were pressed against yours. “I love you.” He said softly after he pulled away. You looked at him and saw he was being completely serious and honest. You wrapped your arms around his neck. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you. I love you too.” He sighed and rested his forehead against yours. You guys had been dating since you had gotten here really. “You don’t have to be sorry, I was stupid for saying that but I didn’t want either of you to get hurt.” You sighed. You had nothing to say because he was right. Then you found yourself under him and he was kissing your neck. “Kakashi.” You moaned when he hit your soft spot. You looked around and realized he had transported you onto his bed. Your unzipped his vest and ran your hands along his chiseled torso, taking the off. He basically ripped of your shirt, discarding it somewhere on the floor. His kisses trailed down your chest and in between your breast. You frowned, seeing that he had most of his clothes on. You stuck your hand under his shirt and pried it off his body so you could feel and see his perfect body (it is XD). Your hands made their way up to his face and you pulled his head band off, setting it down on the side table. “Why do you hide your face?” You asked him. He shrugged. “Dunno, it’s what I’ve always worn, except, you know the head band thing.” You nodded. “You shouldn’t wear it though.” He sighed. “No more talking.” He pressed his lips to yours, and you kissed back, wrapping your arms around his neck while his hands caressed your sides. He kissed down your chest again, making you arch your back a little. His hand swiftly went behind your back and unfastened your bra, throwing it somewhere. He breathed hotly on your right nipple. You moaned and arched your back some more. Kakashi kissed around your nipple, nipping and sucking at places before actually taking it in his mouth. “Kakashi!” You gasped. He smirked and continued sucking while his hand snaked its way up to your other breast, massaging it. You ran your fingers through his white locks and moaned. He switched to the left breast and massaged your other one as his free hand traveled down to your pants. Slowly he unbuttoned them and slipped them down your small legs. Once they were at your ankles you kicked them off. Kakashi chuckled. “Eager?” “You’re just so damn slow.” He leaned up and pressed his lips to yours. “Sorry.” Your hands went down his chest as his tongue roamed in your mouth. He moaned against your lips as your hands reached his pants. You fiddled with the button but got them undone. Slowly and seductively you pushed them down. He growled and pulled away from you to take them off. “See how frustrating it is?” He glared at you but you just stuck your tongue out at him. He sighed and kissed your collar bone. He trailed kisses down in between your breast down your stomach. He hooked his thumbs under your under wear before ripping them off. “I need those.” You complained. He rolled his eyes but threw your legs over his shoulder. He kissed your inner thighs while massaging your clit. “Kakashi..” You entangled your fingers in his hair again as he kept taunting. He then inserted one digit in you. He pumped in and out slowly as the heat began pooling in your core. He felt you tightening and added another digit. You moaned and tugged on his hair. You were close. He added his middle finger and tongue now. That was all you needed. “Kakashi!” You called out as you came in his mouth. He licked his fingers and came back up to your face. “You taste good Kimi.” He kissed you, shoving his tongue inside. You moaned in his mouth as you tasted yourself. You built up enough strength to flip the two of you over. You bent down near his ear and nibbled on his ear lobe. He grunted and shifted under you. You smirked and kissed his neck, sucking on his soft spot right above his pulse. He groaned and grabbed your hips. Your hands traveled down his body to his boxers and you quickly pulled them off, tossing them on the floor. You kissed down his abs and he ran his fingers through your black hair. You grabbed his manhood and stroked it lightly. He groaned and squirmed underneath you and you felt him grow in your hands. You smiled and pressed your lips against his tip. He grunted and thrusted his hips upward. “Don’t tease.” He said. You smirked and took him fully in your mouth, lightly grinding your teeth against his manhood. You took your free hand and teased his sack. “Kimi!” He shouted as he came in your mouth. You swallowed the salty liquid and licked his tip one last time. He pulled you up to his face by your upper arms and kissed you, tasting himself. He flipped you over so now he was on top again. “Hmm, you ready?” He asked. You nodded and wrapped your arms sluggishly around his neck. He thrusted into making you squeak in surprise. He kissed you with a passion no one had ever. He started thrusting faster and harder. Kakashi pulled out and you pouted at the loss. He flipped you over so you were now on all fours. He thrusted into you but grabbed grabbed your hips, making you go in and out with him. “Kakashi.” You moaned and he grunted. You could feel his length throbbing inside of you, like it was going to burst any moment. He bent down over you and grabbed your breast, massaging them as he kept thrusting. His groans, your moans, and the sound of skin slapping against each other echoed around his apartment. You could feel yourself tightening and the heat in your core getting stronger. You were so close, you had been for so long. He pulled out of you again and laid down on his back. He settled you on top of him and thrusted into you. You put your hands on either side of him, steadying yourself. He lifted his head up a little and kissed you. You kissed back as you began to ride him. His hips met your rhythm as he placed his hands on either side of your face. You buried your face in the crook of his neck as he wrapped his arms around you. You felt yourself reaching the beginning of your climax. Your breath was ragged and you felt yourself tighten around his member. “Kimi!” He came inside you first, which caused your release. “Kakashi!” You slowed down and panted. He wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you off him. You laid down on top of him slowly, exhausted from tonight’s events. “Kakashi..” You whispered. “Hmm?” He opened one eye lazily to look at you. “I love you.” He smiled. “I love you too. I promise to protect you from anything, no matter what the consequences.” You sighed and stroked his cheek. “Don’t say that.” He ran his fingers through your hair. “I just don’t want to see you hurt.” He admitted. You smiled. “I don’t want to see you hurt either.” He sighed. “You’re not making this easy.” You kissed his chest. “Goodnight Kakashi.” “Goodnight Kimi.”

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::Best::{Grey}::I::{Sky}::Ever::{Morning}::Had::Kakashi Lemon

So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring
Nothing quite the same now
I just say your name now
"Oi! Kakash! Obito! What's up!" I heard Natusmi yell as she climbed up the hill. Obito waved pathetically while I just blushed and looked away. There was always something about her I couldn't resist. She came up to us sitting on a rock waiting for Rin and Sensei. Obito gave her a big hug and spun her around. "Hello Natsumi-chan! How are you today!?" He shouted making both of us wince. She just laughed it off though.
"I'm fine Obito-kun! i just came to see you, Kakashi-kun, Rin-chan and Minato-san off for your big mission!" She said smiling. Oh, how I loved her smile. It was always so bright and warm and-"Kakashi-teme! Snap outta it!" Obito yelled about to hit me on the head but Natsumi stopped him. She was fairly strong for a non-ninja. "Sorry Sumi-chan." I told her quietly. She glomped me and I fell off the big rock I was on. "Congratulations Kaka-kun! Here I bought you this!" She semi-shouted and got off me. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small silver necklace. It had a wolf's head on teh end of it. "Sumi-chan..you didn't have to." I told her. She smiled. "Don't say that! Oh! Look Minato-sama and Rin-chan are here!" She pointed to them walking up to us. "Hello everyone. Sorry I'm a little late, me and Rin had to take care of something. I just wanted to tell you to meet up in about an hour after you pack." He said and disappeared. Everyone sweat dropped. "See you guys later! Bye Natsumi! I'll see you later when we get back tonight!" Rin said hugging said girl. Natsumi smiled and waved off her friend. Obito came up and gave her a big hug.
"I will miss you Natsumi! I will be back!" He shouted and she laughed. "Ok Obito! But please be careful. I don't want you coming back to me hurt!" She smiled as he released her. "Goodbye Sumi-chan!" He yelled running off in the distance. Natsumi waved after him. She turned on her heel to face me and smiled lightly. I frowned knowing it was all a show. She didn't like me. She liked Obito. "What's wrong Kakashi?" She asked softly standing next to me. I sighed and began to walk away. She quickly caught up to me and grabbed my hand softly but firmly.
"Kakashi, what's wrong? You should be happy! You became a jounin today! And you get to lead your own squad!" She said. I looked at her. "I...know." I gripped her hand tighter and she swayed them back and forth. "Kakashi are you afraid?" She asked standing next to me. No, I wans't afraid of what she thought I was. I was afraid of her. She made me feel this way. It was so confusing. "Sumi-chan, I...Natsumi close your eyes." I told her. She nodded and closed them. I took my headband off and but it around her eyes. "I won't open my eyes Kakashi, i promise." She giggled quietly. I smiled as I pulled my mask down. "I know Sumi, I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't. I know you. You are a very naive person." I sighed. She laughed quietly. "Natsumi I want you to listen to me. I'm sorry, I know you like Obito-""What makes you think I like him?" She asked quickly. My eyes widened. "But..I..I th..thought..th..that you.." I stumbled over my words. "Kakashi-kun, Obito is my best friend I do not like him like that." She reassured me. "Why am I blindfolded again?" She asked childishly. "Because.." I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers. "I really like you Natsumi. Always have." I said after I broke the kiss. "Kakashi.." She whispered almost barely audible. I kissed her again a little more passionatetly and she kissed back.
"I must go Natsumi. I have to go back." I pecked her lips slightly, before removing the blindfold and disappearing.
But it's not so bad
You're only the best
I ever had
You don't want me back
You're just the best
I ever had
So you stole my world
Now I'm just a phony
Remembering the girl
Leaves me down and lonely
Sending in weather
Make yourself feel better
'He's gone. All becasue of me.' I thought solemnly as I walked in the front gates. Rain was falling slightly as we walked past the guards who nodded sadly at us. Obito was gone. Forever. All because of me. And now I had a part of him as a gift. I sighed and looked at the sky. "Kakashi, let's go." Rin said softly. Then it hit me. Natsumi! Oh God, what was going to happen to her? My eye opened a little wide as I heard the sound of light footsteps behind me. I knew who it was.
"Natsumi, i'm so sorry. I tried." I whispered as Minato and Rin left. I heard her choking on tears so I turned around. She looked at me sadly with her blue eyes. They were red and swolled from crying. "What happened to your eye?" She asked facing away from me. "He gave me his-" I stopped when she slapped me across the face. "And you took it?!? Right when he got it!? You should have let him die with it! It was his pride and you know it!" She shouted at me and rain began to fall heavily down on us. "Come on Natsumi, it's raining you should get inside." I said softly reaching my hand out for her. She stepped backwards a little and shook her head. Her eyes narrowed at me. "i hate you Kakashi." She said coldly before running off. I just stood there. My arm reaching out into nothingness.
"She hates me.." I whispered in disbelief. A firm hand gripped my shoulder. I turned around to face Minato-sensei. "She hates me." I repeated. He shook his head. "She does not. Just give her some time to get over this." He told me. Tears fell from my good eye and I could feel my bandage getting wet on the other side. "She hates me..she really does." I told him. He sighed.
"Kakashi, you shouldn't be so damn hard on yourself. What happened wasn't your fault. She will realize that once you talk to her." He said. I shook my head. "She won't listen to me. She really hates me." I kept repeating her sad face over and over in my mind. Sensei shook his head. "Come on kid, you're gonna catch a cold." He said. I nodded and followed.
But it's not so bad
You're only the best
I ever had
You don't need me back
You're just the best
I ever had
And it may take some time
To patch me up inside
But I can't take it
So I runaway and hide
And I may find in time that you were always right
Always right
It's been 13 years since then. We still haven't talked. I tried, but I got so scared and ran away and hid from her. She is always so sad. She rarely ever comes out of her house. But when she does I watch her. From a distance. I am watching her now at the K.I.A stone. Tracing the name with her hand. She visits Rin sometimes and my father and sensei too. But today was the anniversary of his death, so it's his day. She placed the red rose down on the groun. I sighed.
'Natsumi, do you realize how much I missed you?' I thought as she walked off, tears rolling down her perfect cheeks. She sighed and looked at the sky as it began raining. 'It's raining you should get inside.' I remember telling her those words 13 years ago. She walked back into the forest, disappearing among the crowded trees. Quietly I jumped down to the stone. I traced the names with my finger.
"I wish you were here. ou would know what to do. But if you were here, we wouldn't be in this problem." I chuckled to myself as I picked up her rose. I placed it on top of the monument and sighed. She had no idea how much pain I had been through. I had lost everyone. Except her. I loved her. And yet she hated me. I doubt she even knew the real story. I made a decision: I was going to talk to her today.
Walking back to my apartment I heard a scream. Quickly I ran to the alleyway I heard it from. i saw Natsumi sitting against the wall crying, her face was buried in her hands. Slowly I walked up to her. She didn't even move. i kneeled down next to her and pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Natsumi.." I whispered, deathly afraid of what she would do. "Kakashi." She choked on her tears. "Don't cry." I wiped away some of her tears as she looked at me. "I am so stupid Kakashi. why don't you hate me?" She looked me in the eye. It was almost like she was begging for me to hate her.
"I never have. Never could." She looked at me in disbelief. "And you're not stupid." I added, cuppinf her face in my hand. She cried harder. "I...I..I didn't..didn't mean..wh..what I said back then." She stumbled over her words. "Sumi..I'm sorry..I should have talked to you. But I was so scared I actually thought you hated me." I laughed slightly. She grabbed my hand that was on her face with hers. "I never..hated you..I was upset." She smiled lightly. I smiled back, glad to be talking to her again.
"Come on. You're soaking wet." I commented, pulling her to her feet. She laughed and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. "So are you." I smiled and grabbed her hand.
"Why did you scream?" I asked. Natsumi looked away. She was still holding my hand and leaning against my arm. "I was upset and frustrated so I just screamed." I chuckled. "Sounds like you." She laughed lightly. "Kakashi.." She started once we got to my apartment. i opened it up and turned the light on. Good thing I cleaned up or else this place would be a mess. "Yes?" I turned back to look at her. Bad mistake. I couldnt' stop my eyes from roaming her perfect figure. Her perfect face.
She came over and hugged me. "I missed you Kaka-kun." She said using my childhood nick name. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her back and gently kissed the top of her head through my mask. "I missed you too Sumi-chan." We stayed like that for a moment before I couldn't take it anymore. I needed her.
Slowly I backed away from her. She looked up at me and nodded. She turned around tand slowly walked off. I pulled my mask down quietly and grabbed her wrist. i spun her around and crashed her lips to mine. She was shocked and I pulled away. "I'm sorry." I apologized and pulled away but she wouldn't let me. I looked down at her. She reached her hand up and pulled my head band off. She stroked the scar over my eye and caressed my cheek.
"Why do you hide such a beautiful face?" She asked stroking my cheek. I blushed a little. "It's not beautiful. It's ugly and scarred." She frowned when I said this. She leaned closer so our lips were almost touching. "You are not ugly. You are the most handsome man I have ever met. And-" I kissed her roughly and she kissed back. I wrapped my arms around her waist lightly and she wrapped hers around my neck. I trailed my tongue across her bottom lip, and she parted them, allowing me entrance. I mapped her mouth out, memorizing every inch of it. Our tongues wrestled for a while and I rubbed her back.
We pulled away for air and I rested my forehead against hers. "Kakashi...." "Natusmi..I..I love you Natsumi. Be with me forever?" I asked. She smiled. "Of course, Kakashi. I love you." I smiled along with her. Slowly I reached up and pulled the necklace she gave me out. Her eyes went from my face to it. She smiled brightly. "You still have it.' She touched it. I nodded and kissed her again.
So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring
What was it you wanted?
Could it be you're haunted?
But it's not so bad
You're only the best
I ever had
I don't want you back
You're just the best
I ever had
Half our clothes were on the floor and we were making out on the couch. I trailed butterfly kisses down her jaw to her ear lobe, nibbling and sucking on it. She moaned making me harden even more. i moved down her neck, nipping and kissing her skin. She ran her fingers through my hair and arched her back, trying to stop her moans. My hands moved behind her back, unclasping her bra and throwing it on the floor with the other things.
I bit her coller bone pulling a pleasurable hiss from her. I gave it an apologetic lick before claiming her left nipple in my mouth. I grabbed her other breast, kneading and caressing it. "Kakashi!" She gasped when I bit down on her nipple. I smirked and switched, my tongue rolled over her right breast.
I stopped and went to her mouth, shoving my tongue inside. Slowly I pulled down the only thing she had left; her underwear. As my tongue roamed her mouth I threw it on the floor. Now she was completely naked. And God was she beautiful. I just wanted to fuck her so bad she'd scream my name till her throat was raw. Pain shot down my lower half just thinking about it.
I trailed kisses down her body: in between her breast, down her stomach, her hip, and her inner thigh. I heard her breath get caught in her throat; she knew what I was going to do. I smirked and playfully nipped her thigh before sticking two fingers in her. She arched her back blindly as I pumped faster and harder. "Kakashi!" She called out when I added another digit. I smirked and added my tongue. She gasped lightly and ran her fingers through my hair. I ate her out, sticking my tongue and in and out of her, cleaning up all her juices.
When I was done with that I claimed her lips, letting her taste herself. She moaned in my mouth as out tongues played together. I broke the kiss to take my boxers off and threw them on the floor. I placed myself in between her legs, my length rubbed against her thigh. I groaned, wanting nothing more than to go inside of her.
"Are you ready?" I asked. She nodded. "It will hurt." I added. She smiled at me. "Kakashi, I love you. I don't care." I smiled and kissed her, thrusting inside of her. She made sort of a squeaking sound and I broke away to kiss the tears that were leaking from her eyes. And she wasn't the only one in pain. She was so tight it was almost unbearable.
I felt her hips shift underneath me as I buried my face in her hair, taking in her scent. She nodded. Slowly I moved in and out of her. She didn't seem to be in pain anymore. "Are you ok?" I asked breathlessly. "Kakashi, faster harder." She moaned. i bit her neck to stop myself from screaming but obeyed. I moved a little faster and went a little harder.
She slowly wrapped her legs around my waist, making me go deeper. I growled against her neck as I placed my hands on her hips, pulling her back and forth so she rammed into me harder. She moaned louder as I devoured her neck, holding my own moans back as well. Her finger nails scratched down my back and I could feel the blood oozing from the scratches.
Without relizing it i was thrusting faster and harder than before so I slowed down a bit. "Kakashi, don't stop." She breathed out. I smirked and kissed her neck, going harder and faster than before. She arched her back, pressing her chest to mine. I was so close, i had been for so long but I wanted her to come first.
I removed one hand from her hip and cupped her breast massaging it. She moaned and gripped me tighter.
She came on me. I groaned. It was amazing to my name leave her lips like that. i moved a little faster, letting her ride her climax and I soon came to mine.
I groaned as I released my seed inside of her. We were both panting pretty heavily. I slowly pulled out of her and collapsed ontop of her. i hoped the weight wouldn't crush her. "Kakash.." She trailed off, panting slightly. "Yea?" "You're heavy." We both laughed as I rolled off her and brought her into my chest.
I pulled the blanket from the top of the couch onto us. She snuggled closer into my chest and neck. I smiled. "Goodnight Kakashi."
"Goodnight Natsumi."
The best I ever had
Best I ever had
The song is Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) by Vertical Horizon not Drake btw